The Renewal Series - Coping with COVID-19

Tales of the Global City

Despite hyper-partisan discourse about cities, the fates of urban, suburban and rural America are thoroughly intertwined

Though much of our idealist art, iconography, and symbolism paints the American story as a tale of rustic pastoralism and life on the frontier,...

Beyond the pandemic, look for Austin’s creative energy to rival the ‘Roaring Twenties’ of a century ago

Not so fast, argues the head of iconic Austin City Limits to those who fear the pandemic will sweep away both the city’s claim...

Cybertrucks on the Colorado – how Tesla’s Gigafactory can save Austin’s urban river

In the middle of this summer’s second wave COVID-19 outbreak, the Chamber of Commerce boosters of Austin, Travis County and Del Valle pulled a...

A conversation with urban designer Ken Greenberg on ways COVID-19 is forcing us to reimagine cities and community

The challenges to cities posed by the COVID-19 epidemic are enormous, argues Canadian urban designer Ken Greenberg in this interview conducted for the podcast...

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When That Day Comes

We’re waiting for the day when we can say, it’s over, foreverWe’re tired of all the lies, and all the guys who’ve gone to...

By Allergy and Allegory

There is a ghostland somewhere near Of spirits of the Earth And aging oxygenated dirt And there is hope and there is hate But no one ever shows up late


The border of Mexico is exactly 1,006 miles away from the hospital where I was born. Which means that had I been born, say, 1,007 miles to the south my destiny would be aligned under very different stars.

For John Lewis 1940-2020

O holy martyr when you crossed the river to be beaten by the state troopers of the Promised Land O redeemer of Dixieland when you felt the clubs touch skin and blood and blood touch dirt