Urbānitūs Roundtable Series – Episode #1: COVID-19 and the education crisis

Live Roundtable discussion moderated by Richard Reddick, Ed.D., Associate Dean and Professor in the College of Education at University of Texas at Austin

Far more than simply posing the question, ‘to open or not to open,’ COVID-19 has forced a greater reckoning of what America seeks to accomplish with its education system. The virus has revealed the patchwork and antiquated nature of attendance-based school funding, the futility of using schools as feeding programs amid childhood hunger and the inadequacy of day care for working parents — particularly parents who are essential workers in a pandemic. These and other topics are discussed by this parent-student-educator panel.

This is the first episode in our new Urbānitūs Roundtable Series, we hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more.

Laura Yeager – Director – Just Fund It TX
Lisa Flores – Parent and disability advocate
Roberto Germán – Co-Founder of Multicultural Classroom, Director of Middle School at Headwaters School
Lorena Germán – Activist, parent, and Co-Founder of Multicultural Classroom.
Nina Wilson – UT Professor and former Austin Independent School District Spanish Teacher
Natalie Suri – Senior at McCallum High School, Austin
Cuitlahuac Guerra – Physics teacher, Pfluegerville Schools
Robert Brehm – Associate Editor at Urbanitus, MPH candidate at University of Minnesota and LBJ School of Public Affairs Alumni

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