When That Day Comes

'We are One' concert at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC
Photo: Steve Bott, via Wikicommons

We’re waiting for the day when we can say, it’s over, forever
We’re tired of all the lies, and all the guys who’ve gone to jail for him
We’ll celebrate the day he slinks away to Mar a Lago, or wherever
And saves us from the unacceptable behavior of someone so dim

His narcissistic mind will have to find another victim, when we evict him
The bigotry will fall just like the wall – he’s never ever built.
Like never seen before, he’ll be ignored – on Twitter, his baby sitter
We hope without a doubt belief in science will be rebuilt

When there are no more bullying insults making the news
And we can focus on vital issues and views

The time will soon be here, we’ll raise a beer for common decency, that comes easily
and climate change will be an urgency rather than deplored
We still might hear some gaffs, we’ll have some laughs, but not as scary, won’t feel so wary
A little bit of faith in humanity will be restored 

When news each day is free from scandals, chaos and fraud, 
Respect and trust will build both here and abroad

Inauguration Day won’t come our way too quickly, or too bigly
Just in time to act, consider facts, and undo damage done
We’ll celebrate some peace, because at least a moral compass will negate pompous  
We’ll welcome in a sensible direction when that day comes

We’ll say good-bye to endless projection
We’ll watch the occupants’ ejection 
And we’ll be grateful for the election, when that day comes

Copyright (C) 2020 Moondance Treasures Music Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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