Our mission

Urbānitūs’ mission is to empower globally informed local action.

We envision an evolving narrative architecture for news that aligns with the emerging global realities of local governance, integrating local issues up and outward into national and global conversation.

We are both co-creator and curator, hosting a nexus of collaboration with knowledge partners from academia, civil society, and business. We aim to animate, enable, and elevate the voices of doers, makers, and thought leaders from all walks of urban life.

Building upon the work of others, we seek a new and interactive local news ecosystem that seizes upon the potentials of the new era to listen, engage, and collaborate with readers and users. Urbānitūs is a forum for those who wish to engage, shape, and create a sustainable urban future for Austin and other creative, like-minded cities.

Join us.

Block-out neon and and glass,
by artist Tavares Strachan
Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, Texas