Shuronda Robinson

For nearly three decades, Shuronda Robinson has led both public and private sector projects to successful completion through strategic communications designed to gain informed consent. As the founder and president of Adisa Communications, an award-winning full-service communications firm, Shuronda has been engaged in statewide, regional and local decision-making on issues affecting everyday Texans, including the environment, mobility, natural resources, healthcare, and public education. She has also been actively involved as a community leader through many groups - from the Boys & Girls Clubs to the Zachary Scott Theater — and along with a college buddy, started Austin’s City-Wide MLK Celebrations which have grown crowds of more than 20,000 annually. She currently serves on the PBS Austin Board of Directors and the Black Leaders Collective. Her professed hobby is politics, and she has volunteered for and run campaigns on issues and for the candidates she believes will make a positive difference in society. Shuronda is a fourth-generation entrepreneur whose family operates an African American weekly newspaper in Houston. It is there that she gained a passion for communications and the power of the story. Since founding Adisa Communications in 1995, the firm has garnered a reputation for creative professionalism by providing a full spectrum of public involvement and communications services. Meaning “one who makes himself clear,” Adisa Communications offers its clients in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio and internationally using an array of creative and intuitive communication solutions.

To protect democracy, let us elect our leaders and make city hall accountable

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